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Which Used Lexus in Kitchener is Best for Fuel Economy?

Searching for a used Lexus in Kitchener Ontario that won’t disappoint at the pump? Today there are plenty of choices, and fuel economy is improving every year, so sometimes buying an older used car means sacrificing economy for purchase price.  However, here at Lexus of London we can get you into a used Lexus in Kitchener Ontario that will deliver KMs comparable to a 2015 Lexus in Kitchener, at a price you’ll be over the moon about thanks to our Lexus specials in Kitchener.


Current Specials on a Used Lexus in Kitchener Ontario: The Lexus RX 450

The Lexus RX set the bar for the hybrid luxury SUV, and today it continues to be the pinnacle of the class.  This is one hybrid that means business.  1,587kg towing capacity and 0-96 kph acceleration, and of course an impressive 96.5606 8/8.5L per 100km fuel economy.  This unbetable balance of power and economy makes the 2015 RRX450 in London the perfect choice for weekend warriors who tow boats or jetskis.  It’s not only one of our favorite Lexus models, it’s one of this week’s featured Lexus specials in Kitchener.


How Much does a Used Lexus RX in Kitchener Ontario Cost?

Right now, you can get into a new 2013 Lexus RX450h for as little as $37,998.  That’s an unbeatable deal on the RX 450h, a model that represent some of the latest in hybrid tech and the latest in Lexus amenities inside the vehicle.  For more details on this and other Lexus specials in Kitchener, give us a call or contact us online.

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