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Get Platinum Shield Protection and More with These Lexus Specials in Ontario

Financing a Lexus is not a trivial matter, and we know that everyone can use a little help.  That’s why we’re offering some great Lexus specials in London to help you protect your investment and help out a little with the cost of your purchase.  Great add-ons like Platinum Shield protection, Road Hazard Protection, and FirstCut Paint Protection Film can be added to your new Lexus in London or used Lexus in London, Ontario.


Lexus Specials in London:  Road Hazard Protection

Our Lexus Platinum Tire and Rim Protection gives you peace of mind when it comes to wheel repairs as a result of road hazards like potholes, nails, screws, glass, rocks, or nearly anything else you could accidentally send your wheels rolling over, against, or through.


Lexus Specials in London:  FirstCut Paint Protection

Protect more than your wheels with this transparent, durable, high-performance film that is scratch and puncture resistant.  Guard against scratches caused by brushes with parked vehicles, errant shopping carts, misplaced keys, and more with FirstCut Paint Protection for your new or used Lexus in London, Ontario


Lexus Specials in London:  Platinum Shield Protection

Guard against oxidization, rust, and other forms of corrosion caused by the salt and other road treatments so common here on our Canadian roadways.  Platinum Shield Protection creates an impenetrable barrier against moisture and salt, protecting your finish and your frame for years to come – backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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