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Get Snow Tires from Our Lexus Maintenance Centre in Ontario

If you’re near London, Ontario and you’re shopping for tires for your Lexus vehicle, we want you to know that you can count on Lexus of London’s service department not only for the best Lexus repairs & maintenance in Ontario, but also for help with choosing winter tires to keep your Lexus gripping the road — and you and your family safe — all winter long.


The Benefits of  Winter Tires for Lexus Sedans and SUVs from Lexus of London’s Superior Auto Service Centre in London

When is it time to switch to Winter Tires? When the temperature get colder than 7 degrees Celsius. At this low temperature, all-season tires won’t be able to grip the road as well, and will slip and skid even on dry roadways.  Switching to Winter Tires is important because they’re composed of softer rubber and have wider, more aggressive treads.

Winter Tires are better at gripping cold, dry roads and are also better equipped to handle snow as you drive your Lexus sedan or SUV in London.  Our team of highly trained Lexus technicians are not only the foremost experts on Lexus maintenance and repairs in Ontario, but they also know your Lexus vehicle better than anyone else, and will be able to guide you to the best winter tire for your Lexus vehicle and driving needs.

Not convinced you need winter tires just yet? Watch this video and you’ll see just how beneficial and necessary winter tires are.

Get Your New Winter Tires at Lexus of London’s Service Centre – Giving you the Best Auto Service in London All Year Long

Before the temperatures drop, bring your Lexus sedan or SUV to Lexus of London and let our team of tire and service professionals guide you to the right winter tires for you. Here at Lexus of London’s Tire Centre we carry a vast selection of Lexus approved tires from most major manufacturers, and our technicians are ready to properly mount, balance, and install your new winter tires with the expertise that only Lexus trained professionals can deliver.

Contact Lexus of London’s Tire Centre Today and Let Us Help You Save on the Right Winter Tires for Your Lexus Vehicle.