Auto Service You Can Depend on Every Time at Lexus of London

When You Need Auto Service in London We Always Deliver 100% Satisfaction

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We all know that there are dealership out there who are prone to leaving much to be wanted in terms of service. That’s because their goal is simple – churn business through as fast as possible and make money, period.

That’s not how we do things at Lexus of London. Read on to discover how we handle auto service in London.

The Auto Service at Lexus of London Makes Return Clients – Not Mere Customers

At Lexus of London, we’re committed to providing 100% satisfaction to every person who walks onto our lot. That means providing prompt, friendly, helpful service that solves your problems and leaves you walking away with a smile.

A customer might use a service once then never return, but a client enjoys their experience so much that they decide to come back again and again. That’s the kind of auto service we provide to our neighbors in Ontario.


Visit Lexus of London for Auto Service You Can Depend on in Ontario

Forget about dealerships who don’t care if you walk away happy. Visit Lexus of London, where we do everything possible to ensure that you receive the best auto service in Ontario.

Schedule your auto service at Lexus of London Ontario, or call (888) 691-8453 today.


State of the Art Winter Stability and AWD Traction on New 2016 Lexus Models: Lexus Lease Specials Available in Ontario Now

Lexus Lease Specials in Ontario Make it Easier to Get in the Seat of Safety

Winter is the season of slippery, dangerous road and all-around difficult driving conditions, so you need a vehicle that will carry you through to spring in safety. No other manufacturer offers the same level of state of the art safety features as Lexus.

And right now it’s easier than ever to get behind the wheel of a Lexus thanks to new lease specials right here in Ontario.

Check Out the Latest Lexus Lease Specials in Ontario

What kind of Lexus lease specials can you find in Ontario?

How about a 2016 IS 300 AWD at 1.9% APR with payments of just $399 and an extra $1,500 off for getting AWD? Or perhaps a 2016 RC 300 AWD at 1.9% APR for just $549 per month? Or experience the unrivaled performance of the 2016 GS 350 AWD for just 2.9% APR and $649 a month?


Save Big With Lexus Lease Specials in Ontario

This winter, stay safe and save big thanks to Lexus lease specials in Ontario. Not only will it save you money, but it can actually save your life.

Check out the latest Lexus lease specials available in Ontario, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453 today.

Schedule Authorized Lexus Maintenance and Repairs at Lexus of London Ontario Today

For Convenient Lexus Repairs in Ontario that You Can Depend on Lexus of London is Here

Lexus of London Lexus Dealership in London

It’s just a fact of life – at some point ever vehicle needs maintenance or repairs. Accidents happen and over time the necessity for regular maintenance pops up, so when they do you have to have a convenient, dependable place where you can get the service you need.

When you need Lexus repairs in Ontario, you can count on Lexus of London.

Lexus of London Makes Getting the Repairs You Need in Ontario Easy

Some dealerships make it difficult to get service due to inconvenient scheduling. But at Lexus of London, we make it easy to schedule your service appointment thanks to our convenient online form.

What’s more, we have the expert technicians to make sure that your repairs are done right. Not only does it save you time and stress, but it can be a matter of safety. Make sure you get the job done the right way the first time thanks to Lexus of London.

Lexus of London

Lexus of London

Schedule Your Lexus Repairs Today at Lexus of London in Ontario

Ready to get your Lexus the repairs it needs? Then schedule an appointment with our online portal now, and enjoy the convenient service you deserve.

Sign up for Lexus repairs in Ontario, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453 today.

What Makes Lexus of London the Best Car Dealership in London, Ontario?

In the search for the Best Car Dealership in London, Ontario, you have no shortage of options. However, choosing the best car dealership in London for your unique needs can be a challenge. Nearly every London, ON car dealership claims to be the best, the brightest, the cleanest, the most honest, the friendliest, and the most popular – but which of these claims are actually valid, and which aren’t?

Here at Lexus of London, we let our reputation for excellence speak for itself. To find the supporting information you need to be convinced that Lexus of London hands down the Best Car Dealership in London, Ontario consider the below information.


Lexus of London: The Widest Selection, the Most New and Pre-Owned Options – Best Car Dealership in London, Ontario

Here at our Lexus car dealership in London, Ontario you’ll find nothing less than the widest selection of new and used Lexus vehicles near London. This means that Lexus of London, you’ll find the entire lineup of  new Lexus vehicles for you to drive home. Our inventory also has the special distinction of including Executive Demo Lexus cars.

An Executive Demo car is originally a new model year Lexus that is lightly used by our management, and then returned to our showroom with very low kilometres and little to no wear and tear. Our Executive Demo program results in price tags that are a fraction of what you’ll pay for that same model year Lexus in London if you purchased it new, as opposed to as a very lightly driven, low KM used car.

Our new and used inventory, together with our special Lexus Executive Demo collection, make us the Best Car Dealership in London, Ontario when it comes to variety and quality of in-stock vehicles.

Don’t wait another day to visit London, ON car dealership. Contact us online, or call 1 (888) 691-8453 to experience a commitment to your utmost satisfaction at Lexus of London for yourself.


It Might Be the Perfect Crossover SUV: the 2016 Lexus RX at Lexus of London in Ontario

Discover Why Reviewers Give the 2016 Lexus RX in London a Near-Perfect Rating

There are a lot of crossover SUVs on the road, and some of them even do fairly well when it comes to reviews, but what’s the only crossover to receive a near-perfect score from perhaps the most trusted reviewer out there – Kelly Blue Book? The 2016 Lexus RX.

Why should you check out the new 2016 Lexus RX at Lexus of London in Ontario? Take a look at what Kelly Blue Book has to say…

Why the 2016 Lexus RX in London, Ontario, Stands Out from the Rest

What pushed Kelly Blue Book to give the 2016 Lexus RX in London, Ontario, an unheard of 8.9 stars out of 10?

Because when it comes to luxurious, two-row, five-passenger driving, no other competitor offers a comfortable, quiet, stylish cabin that comes anywhere close to the RX. Combine that with its unrivaled reliability and tremendous resale value, and you begin to see what has Kelly Blue Book so excited.


Test Drive a 2016 Lexus RX in London, Ontario, Today at Lexus of London

To truly appreciate the unmatched quality of the 2016 Lexus RX you have to experience it for yourself. Visit Lexus of London in Ontario today, and discover what has the reviewers talking.

View our selection of the 2016 Lexus RX in London, Ontario, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453 today. 

Why is Authorised Lexus Repair in London Important?

Are you looking for Lexus repair in London, and want to make sure you choose the best option? If so, then you don’t need to be reminded that who you choose for Lexus repair in London can seriously impact the long-term reliability and performance of your Lexus. In order to ensure peak performance and longevity, we believe it’s important to choose only Authorised Lexus Repair in London, ON.

What makes Authorised Lexus service so essential to your vehicle’s health? Unlike the auto service in London you’ll find at other locations and independent shops, Authorised Lexus Repair at Lexus of London delivers important benefits that make us the best option for your Lexus service, repairs and maintenance needs.


The Benefits of Lexus Authorised Service in London, ON

When it comes to choosing a provider for Lexus repair in London, or Lexus warranty service your number one goal is to find the service department that will take the best care of your Lexus. When you bring your vehicle to Lexus of London’s Authorised Lexus Service department, your Lexus is in the hands of factory-trained and approved technicians who are continually trained as educated as to the latest Lexus vehicles and technologies.  Simply put, there is no better place for Lexus repairs in London, ON than Lexus of London Service.

Contact us online, or call (888) 691-8453 to choose us for Authorised Lexus Service today.