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Discover the Value of Authorized Lexus Service at Lexus of London


When you need any type of auto service, a lot of people make the mistake of going with a random chain shop like Mr. Lube, especially if they’re just getting basic maintenance. But if you’re looking for the best service at the best price, going through a chain is a mistake.

Compare our Authorized Lexus Service against the competition, and the advantage to bringing your car to Lexus of London becomes clear

Authorized Lexus Service at Lexus of London Saves You Money

What does Authorized Lexus Service mean? It means that your work is being performed by Lexus trained technicians who use the best tools, techniques, and parts. It also means savings, and if you can get better service for less, why wouldn’t you? Finally, it means that every vehicle we work on receives a complimentary carwash and vacuuming, because when you drive away, your car should run and look its best.

Lexus of London Lexus Dealership in London

Lexus of London Offers Authorized Lexus Service – Value and Satisfaction Are Here

Ready to discover the unrivaled value and satisfaction offered by Authorized Lexus Service? Then visit Lexus of London today, where you’ll find savings and service unlike anything provided by the generic chain shops.

Your Lexus doesn’t deserve generic service. It deserves the best.

Read more about Authorized Lexus Service online, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453.

Quality Selection of Used Cars at Lexus of London, Ontario

Looking for Used Cars in London, Ontario? We Have the Selection You Need


 Finding the perfect car for your needs can be a challenge – especially when you’re looking for unparalleled luxury and comfort. The bottom line is that it takes a great selection to find a great vehicle. You don’t want the car that works for everyone else – you need one that works for you.

That’s why when you’re browsing used cars in London, Ontario, you should visit Lexus of London. Simply put, we have the selection you’ve been searching for.

What Makes Our Selection of Used Cars the Best in London, Ontario?

What makes Lexus of London the best?

We’ve worked hard to cultivate the most extensive selection in the region. That means offering every model possible from a wide range of years. We take it a step further by making sure that we have a variety of trim options, so that you can get the specific feature package you want. We even make sure that we offer the same vehicle in several different colors, because you need your car to look perfect too.


Visit Lexus of London for the Best Selection of Used Cars in London, Ontario

Enough talk already – it’s time for action. Head into Lexus of London today and see our vast selection for yourself. When all is said and done, we understand that you need options

Browse our selection of used cars in London, Ontario, from the comfort of your own home, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453 to discuss your options today.

We Earn Your Trust — Why Customers Appreciate Lexus of London More than Any Other Dealership in Ontario

No Other Car Dealership in London, Ontario, Offers Such High Reviews


When it comes to finding a car dealership in London, Ontario, that you can depend on, it pays to do your research. One of the best tools out there is DealerRater.ca which is one of the most trusted names in customer satisfaction reviews.

What do Dealer Rater reviewers have to say about Lexus of London? Let’s just say they’re not keeping their satisfaction a secret. Read on to learn more.

What Customers Have to Say About Our Car Dealership in London, Ontario

The first review of our car dealership in London, Ontario, seems to say it all: “Phenomenal service…and great atmosphere!” Or how about this: “Wonderful experience! Professional and warm-hearted!” As one satisfied customer explained, we were there to make her feel “welcomed into the Lexus family.”

These are just a few words from the slew of five-star reviews we’ve received. The bottom line is that when it comes to service, no one delivers like Lexus of London.


Visit Lexus of London for Service You Won’t Find from Another Car Dealership in Ontario

Ready to experience the unrivaled customer service at Lexus of London for yourself? Drop by today, and see what has so many people talking.

 Discover the selection at our London, Ontario, car dealership today, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453.

Find the Best Used Lexus Specials at Canada’s #1 London Lexus dealership – Lexus of London

Are you shopping for a Used Lexus in London, and want to know you’re getting the best vehicle your money can buy? Visit Lexus of London – Canada’s #1 London Lexus dealership, according to DealerRater.com.

Here at our impressive showroom, you’ll find an expansive selection of used Lexus vehicles, unbeatable used Lexus specials, and the peace of mind that comes from buying from our team of professional Lexus experts.


Lexus of London – Not Just Another London Lexus Dealership

If you’re shopping for a used Lexus, stop perusing the classified ads or internet listings for used Lexus specials in London. Your options for finding used Lexus specials may be plentiful, but only Lexus of London stocks used Lexus vehicles that are personally inspected and serviced by our team of trained Lexus professionals.


Ready to Purchase Your Next Used Lexus in London?

We treat our used cars with the same care and professionalism as our new cars, so we can deliver the same superior experience with a used luxury vehicle in London as you’re accustomed to finding in a brand new Lexus. Here at Lexus of London, we’re proud of our two decade-plus track record of satisfied customers, and of the fact we’re the only Lexus dealer in London where you’ll find the most knowledgeable staff and the best used Lexus specials in London — allowing you more options than anyone else to drive home your next Lexus for less, today.

Check out our used Lexus specials online, then contact us online or call us at 1 (888) 691-8453 to arrange a test drive.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy a Used Lexus in Windsor?

Are you looking high and low for a Used Lexus in Windsor?   you want to be sure you’re getting the best used Lexus for the money.  That’s where Lexus of London’s excellent selection comes in. Our inventory includes not only a wide selection of used and Certified Used Lexus cars in London, but we’re also the home of Executive Demo Lexus cars in London.

Unlike shopping for used cars in the local classifieds, a Certified Used Lexus in Windsor goes through a rigourous process of reconditioning to ensure that you drive home in a Used Lexus in Windsor that will stand toe-to-toe with any new model.


Ready to Purchase Your Next Used Lexus in Windsor?

Whether you’re looking for a used car, Certified used Lexus, or Executive Demo Lexus, Lexus of London is the premier used Lexus dealership in Ontario. We treat our used cars with the same care and professionalism as our new cars, so we can deliver the same superior experience with a Used Lexus in Windsor as you’re accustomed to finding in a brand new Lexus. Plus, our unique inventory option of Executive Demo cars helps us deliver the best of both worlds: new model year vehicles with the latest amenities, with great new car warranties in-tact, in great condition and with low KMs — all at a price more in line with London Luxury used cars than new Lexus vehicles in London.

 Ready to learn more about our inventory of Used Lexus in Windsor? Contact us online or call us at 1 (888) 691-8453.


Financing a New Lexus? Here are Some Tips from the Premier Lexus Car Dealership in London Ontario

When shopping at a Car Dealership in London Ontario for financing, regardless of the vehicle make, it’s important to understand two things to get the best possible rate and terms:  the current marketplace, including different financing incentives, and your own personal credit and financial situation, in addition to choosing the right Car Dealership in London Ontario.  The lending situation has improved dramatically since the subprime mortgate meltdown, so shoppers who have been holding off for fear that loans are too difficult to get shouldn’t need to worry any more.  To help you get the best possible financing for your used car, Lexus of London presents our Car Dealership in London Ontario tips for securing new Lexus financing!


Tips for Securing Financing  at a Car Dealership in London Ontario

Before you start shopping for a car, know your own situation.  Researching your own credit score before shopping will help you spot discrepancies, and will give you a good idea of what to expect when you shop for financing at any Car Dealership in London Ontario.  Second, determine what sort of trade-off you want: lower down-payment and higher monthly payments or visa versa?  Finally, keep your new car shopping period limited to 2 weeks to avoid repeated credit checks, which can negatively impact your score.

Want to know more?  Choose the Car Dealership in London Ontario you can trust.  Consult our own finance centre.  Contact us online or call 1 (888) 691-8453 to get started.

The Benefits of Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario

When it comes to choosing auto parts in London, Ontario, you want to make sure that the part you choose will last as long as possible, and is designed to fit your specific vehicle. If the part is not designed specifically for your Lexus, then it cannot ensure peak performance. This is one major reason why Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario are the clear choice for your London, ON auto parts needs — they are built to original factory standards to ensure peak performance. Non-Genuine, or not authorised, parts aren’t designed specifically for your Lexus, so they will never ensure your Lexus in London can perform at peak levels.


Lexus of London Stocks only  Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario

At Lexus of London, we stock Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario that are fitted specifically for your particular vehicle. Moreover, Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario are designed to deliver the original driving experience, and unlike other auto parts in London, they won’t risk voiding your warranty.

In terms of reliability, Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario provide you with an added benefit of including their own warranty — peace of mind that doesn’t come standard on aftermarket parts.


Get Started at the Premier Lexus Dealership Serving London, Kitchener, Sarnia, Windsor and Waterloo

At Lexus of London, our facilities include a modern, well-stocked Parts Departments designed specifically to provide a convenient, selection of Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario. When you visit us for Lexus Parts in London, you’ll be greeted by our highly-trained staff who are perfectly equipped to meet all your Lexus parts & service needs.

How can we help you find the Lexus Genuine Parts in Ontario you need?  Contact us online or call 1 (888) 608-6005 to speak to a Lexus parts expert.

Happy New Year from Lexus of London!

Happy new year,  London Lexus fans!  2015 is over and 2016 is finally here, which means most people are getting started on those New Year’s Resolutions.  Your local Lexus dealership wants to know: what did you resolve?   Weight loss, fitness, and improved finances are usually the most popular resolutions, but they’re also notoriously difficult to keep.  We hope you’re still successfully keeping your resolutions so far, but just in case you’re looking for a resolution that’s attainable and rewarding, Lexus of London has a few suggestions!  Here are a few of our favorite 2016 New Year’s resolutions from Lexus of London:


Keep your London Lexus clean – inside and out – this year.

You’re happier when you’re clean, and cars are happier when they’re clean, too.  Keeping your new or used Lexus tidy and shiny for 2016 will not only make sure it’s looking its best, it also protects your investment by preserving the finish and interior – plus, cleaning out the trunk can eliminate excess weight, improving fuel economy.   Take it from your London Lexus dealership – a clean London Lexus is a happy London Lexus!


Check your fluids, and keep up with maintenance

Oil should be changed at the interval suggested by your owner’s manual – every 5,000 miles, at least – to ensure that your London Lexus runs smoothly for many new years to come.  Check all the engine fluids regularly, too – this will help to potentially detect larger problems before they become expensive repairs.


Drive Safer in London

Of course, if you’re protecting your London Lexus by making sure it’s clean and properly serviced, you’ll want to protect it – and your passengers – by making sure you stay safe on the roads.   Resolve to break that texting-and-driving habit.  You may have other unsafe driving habits to break – choose the ones you need to eliminate, and make it happen.  Lexus of London knows that safe is always a great decision.

From all of us here at Lexus of London to all of you, have a happy and safe 2016!  Want to get into a new London Lexus for the new year?  Contact us online or call 1 (888) 691-8453.