Lexus of London in Ontario Explains the Benefits of Driving a Lexus: You Get What You Pay For

For Luxury, Style, Performance, and Safety, Nothing Beats a Lexus in London, Ontario

When shopping for a new or used vehicle, one of the first things people consider is which make they want. Every manufacturer is different, and their vehicles offer varying benefits. Some are known for affordability, while others are praised for reliability or efficiency.

But when it comes to luxury, there is no other name in the industry that comes anywhere close to Lexus.

4 Reasons to Get a New or Used Lexus in London, Ontario

Why drive a Lexus?

  • Luxury

When it comes to luxury, Lexus has set the industry standard. Sit in a Lexus once, and you’ll understand that no other company compares in comfort and elegance.

  • Style

Simply put, Lexus vehicles look beautiful. Each one is a work of art.

  • Performance

If you’re looking for the drive of a lifetime, you’ll find it in a Lexus.

  • Safety

Lexus uses all of the most state of the art tech in the world to make sure that you and your family are safe, and they’re constantly developing new ways to keep it that way.


Test Drive a New or Used Lexus at Lexus of London in Ontario

Are you ready to discover the all-around perfection of a Lexus for yourself? Then visit Lexus of London, where you’ll find the best selection of new and used Lexus vehicles in Ontario.

Check out the incredible selection at Lexus of London, or call (888) 691-8453 today.

How to Use the Financing Centre at Lexus of London to Claim Lexus Financing Incentives

Shoppers looking to Finance a 2016 Lexus near Kitchener or London, and looking for the latest Lexus financing incentives, will want to pay a visit to the Financing Centre at, the premier destination for all your Lexus financing needs. While there, you’ll see that our lenders finance both new and pre-owned Lexus vehicles for you, and we constantly work to ensure that all the available Lexus financing incentives are applied to your Lexus loan.

Sales situation in a car

How to Use Lexus of London’s Financing Centre

Lexus of London’s expert finance staff are ready to help you find the Lexus in Kitchener financing that you’ve been looking for. Our staff is well trained and knows all the Lexus financing programs that will help you drive home happy when you finance a 2016 Lexus with us.

1. Apply Online to Finance a 2016 Lexus in London.  Simply visit us online at, hover over “Financing,” and choose “Apply for Financing” from the list. We’ll take your information and be in touch very quickly once you submit your application with all the Lexus financing incentives you need to arrive at a loan package and interest rate that is agreeable to you.

2. Call Us to Discuss 2016 Lexus Specials and Lexus Kitchener Financing. Want to learn a little more about your options, or just prefer dealing with a human? Simply call us at 1 (888) 691-8453 and allow our finance staff to help you discover the Lexus in Kitchener financing you need.

Finding all the Lexus financing incentives that apply to your situation when you finance a 2016 Lexus doesn’t have to be difficult. Our expert team is ready to help you finance a new Lexus in London quickly, easily, and affordably.

Lexus of London

Consider 2016 Lexus Specials and Lease Specials in London ON

Finally, when shopping for a new Lexus in London, don’t forget to pay a visit to our specials page to browse all the current 2016 Lexus specials, ensuring that you get the best pricing available – plus, always keep your eye open for the many Lease specials in London, ON that are available on many Lexus models. Often, lease specials in London ON will be more beneficial to the buyer than current Lexus financing incentives. Here at Lexus of London, we want you to have the most appealing and affordable pricing available, whether you lease or finance a 2016 Lexus.

Everything You Need when Shopping for a New Lexus in Kitchener or London: Contact us online or call 1 (888) 691-8453 to let us know.

Perfectly Balanced Performance and Luxury: the 2016 Lexus IS 350 is Available at Lexus of London

Bring Home Style, Comfort, and an Unrivaled Driving Experience with the 2016 Lexus IS 350

There are a lot of cars on the market that offer good performance. Less common are vehicles that deliver an outstanding level of luxury, but they’re still out there. When it comes to combining luxury with performance, however, nothing compares to the new 2016 Lexus IS 350, available now at Lexus of London.

Reviewers Love the New 2016 Lexus IS 350

The new 2016 Lexus IS 350 is getting an outstanding level of acclaim from reviewers like Edmunds, who gave it an unheard of five star rating. What makes the IS 350 stand out? Edmunds praised its smooth and powerful V6 engine, its comfortable ride and luxurious interior, along with its gorgeous yet fierce exterior styling.

Bottom line – the 2016 Lexus IS 350 is a beautiful car with a tiger under the hood.


Test Drive a New 2016 Lexus IS 350 at Lexus of London

Ready to discover the unmatched luxury and performance of a new 2016 Lexus IS 350 for yourself? Then head over to Lexus of London, where you can test drive yours today.

Check out our selection of the 2016 Lexus IS 350, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453 today.

The Best Lexus Dealer in Ontario: What Our Customers Say

Here at Lexus of London, we commit ourselves to customer satisfaction, and always aim to be the best Lexus dealer in Ontario – and we couldn’t be happier to see that our customers have returned the favor, honoring us with’s 2016 Customer Satisfaction Award. We couldn’t have done it without all of our wonderful customers, but if you’re looking for a new luxury car dealer in London, Ontario, we’d like you to consider Lexus of London.  We think we’re the best Lexus dealer in Ontario, and we have some very satisfied customers who would agree.  Take a look at what they had to say about their experience at our new Lexus dealership in London.


What Customers Say about Our New Lexus Dealership in London

Stephanie Shearsby … went above and beyond any experience I have had with a car dealership. To earn my business, she brought the car I chose to my office, met me on the price I offered, then came in on her day off to close so I could get the car in time for a weekend away. 


Thanks, edge!  We go above and beyond for every customer, no matter how large or small.  That’s just the way we do business here at our new Lexus dealership in London.

I have had a great time going to Lexus of London to get my car serviced and major work done it also. The staff, Jason, Lyndsi, and Romeo had great knowledge of the cars and better advice. I would recommend anyone with a Lexus to go there and feel reassured that your in the right hands. Thanks Lexus of London.


Thanks, Roger!  We’re just as proud of our Lexus service department as the rest of our Lexus dealership in London.

Visit us today and let us show you why we’re the best Lexus dealer in Ontario.

Contact Lexus of London online or call 1 (888) 691-8453 and let us help you find the used car in London, Ontario you’ve been seeking.


The New 2016 Lexus RX in London Gives You More of Everything

If there is a single model that represents everything Lexus stands for, it is the 2016 Lexus RX in London.  This crossover accounts for more than a third of Lexus’ overall sales worldwide, and last year alone the number of Lexus RX vehicle sold totaled almost as many as every BMW SUV combined.  That’s an amazing number, but once you look at what the 2016 Lexus RX in London has to offer, it becomes clear. In short, the  new RX in London offers more of everything.   Check out this great video overview of the new 2016 Lexus RX in London, and read on to learn more about this exceptional model.

Key Features of the New 2016 Lexus RX in London

The RX has always been a powerful crossover, and this year brings you – you guessed it – even more.  The 2016 Lexus RX 350 in London‘s 3.5-liter V6 engine sees a 30-horsepower boost to 300 hp, and the RX 450h now turns our 300 horsepower as well.   Inside, the new RX in London is bursting with excellent features, like a standard 12.3-inch infotainment screen and an optional color heads-up display.   Also included are a vast array of driving assistants including collision mitigation, lane-keeping assist, automatic high beams, and most other driving aid you can think of.  There are far too many improvements and features to mention in just one blog, so for best results, come and test drive a new 2016 Lexus RX in London today right here at Lexus of London.

Contact us online, or call (888) 691-8453 to schedule an appointment at Lexus of London, ON Today.

Open, Honest, and Informed: Why You Should ALWAYS Get a Complimentary CarProof Report with Used Cars in London

Know What You’re Getting When Shopping for Used Cars in London with a CarProof Report


We all know the stereotype of the shady car dealer doing whatever it takes to sell off a lemon. It’s the scourge of car shoppers everywhere.

Even if you’re shopping at an honest dealership, sometimes the simple truth is there are details to a vehicle’s history that the salesperson helping you might not know.

That’s why when you’re shopping for used cars in London, you should always get a CarProof Report.

Benefits of Getting a CarProof Report When Shopping for Used Cars in London

When you’re shopping for used cars in London, it’s essential that you know as much as possible about any vehicle that catches your eye before you drive it home. Details like past damages or accidents, if it has a lien, or whether or not the odometer has been rolled back can not only affect the value of the car, but determine if it’s going to run reliably or even safely.

That’s why you should ALWAYS request a CarProof report, which will provide you will a full vehicle history.


Visit a Dealership that Offers a Complimentary CarProof Report with Used Cars in London

You can get a CarProof report on any car, but if the dealership doesn’t offer the service for free, then you’ll have to pay for it out of your own pocket.

Simply put, if a dealer is on the level, they should be more than happy to provide you with a complimentary CarProof report.

Browse a selection of used cars in London that all come with a free CarProof report, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453.

Find the Best Selection of New and Used Cars at Lexus of London, Ontario, Your #1 Luxury Dealership

For the Best Selection and Service No Other Car Dealership in London, Ontario, Compares


Have you spent any time browsing at this or that car dealership in London, Ontario, only to find that they never seem to offer exactly what you’re looking for?

Buying a new or used car is no small decision, and you should never have to compromise. Instead, visit the dealership that offers the selection you need to get behind the wheel of the perfect vehicle – Lexus of London.

When It Comes to Service and Selection Our Car Dealership is the London, Ontario, Leader

At Lexus of London, we’re careful to cultivate the most expansive selection of new and used Lexus vehicles that you’ll find at any car dealership in London, Ontario. That means providing a wide array of models in different years, and making sure that we have many trims and packages for you to choose from.

At the same time, we offer service that has made us nothing short of renowned. Simply put, we’re committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction with each and every sale.


Visit Our Car Dealership in London, Ontario, and Receive Unparalleled Service

Ready to receive service from the best? Visit Lexus of London today, and find out why people call us the #1 car dealership in London, Ontario.

Browse our selection online, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453.

The New Lexus RX 350 in London is Your Summer Road Trip Machine

Are you one of the many drivers looking forward to the new 2016 Lexus RX in London? Well, the wait is over. The all-new generation of the RX has arrived at Lexus of London, and we’re here to bring you all the details on the ultimate summer road trip machine, the new Lexus RX 350 in London.  In terms of cargo space, fuel economy, performance, and versatility, the 2016 Lexus RX 350 ticks all the boxes for the exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from a Lexus in London.


Test Drive the new 2016 Lexus RX for sale in London, Ontario Today at Lexus of London

Don’t wait – the 2016 Lexus RX is the most anticipated luxury crossover of the year, and now is the time to act if you want to be able to hit the shore, campsite, or open highway in your new Lexus in London this summer.

As the #1 Lexus dealer in Canada, our sales personnel are equipped with all the knowledge and expertise required to help you find the new 2016 Lexus RX in London, Ontario with the packages and options best-suited for your particular needs. So, contact us now to learn more about driving home in the newly re-designed Lexus 2016 RX 350 or 450h in London, Ontario, today.

Contact us online or call (888) 691-8453 to schedule an appointment at Lexus of London, ON Today.

Get Lexus Repairs You Can Depend on From the #1 Service Centre in London, ON

We Make Lexus Repair Dependable and Convenient

Lexus of London Lexus Dealership in London

It’s just a fact of life – at some point ever vehicle needs maintenance or repairs. Accidents happen and over time the necessity for regular maintenance pops up, so when they do you have to have a convenient, dependable place where you can get the service you need.

When you need Lexus repairs in Ontario, you can count on Lexus of London.

Lexus of London Makes Getting the Repairs You Need in Ontario Easy

Some dealerships make it difficult to get service due to inconvenient scheduling. But at Lexus of London, we make it easy to schedule your service appointment thanks to our convenient online form.

What’s more, we have the expert technicians to make sure that your repairs are done right. Not only does it save you time and stress, but it can be a matter of safety. Make sure you get the job done the right way the first time thanks to Lexus of London.

Lexus of London
Lexus of London

Schedule Your Lexus Repairs Today at Lexus of London in Ontario

Ready to get your Lexus the repairs it needs? Then schedule an appointment with our online portal now, and enjoy the convenient service you deserve.

Sign up for Lexus repairs in Ontario, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453 today.

How to Spot First Class Luxury in a Lexus Dealer in London, ON

Only Patronize a Lexus Dealer that Offers the Best


A Lexus isn’t just a car. It’s a truly work of art and luxury, and from the moment you begin shopping for yours, through mile after mile of driving, you need service that reflects Lexus prestige. That’s why when you’re shopping for a new or used Lexus, our dealership delivers the best experience in London, Ontario. Read on to learn a bit about how we do it.

100% Customer Satisfaction from the#1 New and Used Lexus Car Dealership in London, Ontario

  • Selection

You’re getting a Lexus because you have discerning tastes, and that being the case you need the perfect vehicle for you. That’s why we’ve curated the best Lexus selection in London.

  • Satisfaction

We have scores of reviews that testify to the perfection of our service. Whether you’re shopping for a new car, going through the financing process, or you need repair or maintenance, you can look forward to 100% satisfaction.

  • Service

Speaking of repairs, a Lexus is a refined piece of machinery that demands the utmost in care when it comes to service. That’s why our service centre is staffed with factory trained technicians using the most state of the art tools available.


Our Lexus Dealership in London, Ontario, Provides the #1 Shopping and Ownership Experience

The bottom line is that Lexus of London provides a dealership experience unlike any other in London, Ontario. From the moment you step onto our lot, you’ll enjoy something that has become rare in this business – genuine customer satisfaction.

Browse the best new and used Lexus dealership selection in London, Ontario, online, or call Lexus of London at (888) 691-8453 today.

A Lexus Car Dealership in Ontario